Infleqtion and World View Launch New Quantum Application Testing Solution

January 24, 2023

Infleqtion and World View have announced a partnership to provide faster and more cost-effective quantum application testing. The partnership will use Infleqtion's compact quantum technology and World View's patented stratospheric balloon systems for testing applications such as over-the-horizon communications, precision navigation and timing, and hyperspectral sensing.

This method of stratospheric testing represents a new era of quantum testing, enabling the testing of next-generation quantum sensors in operationally relevant environments. Quantum sensors offer significant opportunities for almost every industry, greatly improving technological devices through increased efficiency, accuracy and navigation abilities. The partnership between Infleqtion and World View will focus on potential defense, commercial, and public sector customers.

Matteo Genna, President of Remote Sensing at World View, expressed excitement about the potential of the partnership and the collective capabilities of both companies.

Infleqtion has had a momentous year following a $110 million Series B funding round to commercialize its product portfolio, including quantum computing, quantum algorithms and applications, atomic clocks, sensors, and components. Its cloud-based service, Albert, was also named one of TIME's Best Inventions of 2022.


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