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July 28th, 2014 - World View Announces Pathfinder Program For Research & Education Payloads

World View has announced plans to fly research and education payloads during our test flight phase as part of our newly launched Pathfinder program. We’ve selected three initial Pathfinder payloads to fly on our delivery platforms beginning in late 2014. The payloads will be transported to altitudes as high as 120,000 feet via high-altitude balloon for the collection of scientific data.

We’re not just a luxury spaceflight company. We’re pioneering a new era of discovery at the edge of space for all industries and customers. For more information on our research and education opportunities, watch World View Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Alan Stern deliver the NewSpace 2014 keynote below and/or contact [email protected]

Published 10 39 AM, July 28th, 2014

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