Engineering peak experiences in the stratosphere

After viewing our planet from space, many astronauts have experienced overwhelming feelings of awe, transcendence and connection with humanity as a whole. Everyone experiences this effect differently, which is why every detail of our stratospheric spaceflight is designed to share this transformational experience – and a deeper bond to the beautiful place we call home.

An intentional take on space tourism

We have reimagined space tourism to be an intentional, purposeful experience that maximizes the opportunity for you to enjoy the ultimate transformational trip of a lifetime. By carefully designing every aspect of your trip for peak impact, we are creating an experience you will surely never forget.

stratospheric balloon carrying space tourism capsule stratosphere world view

"[Humans] must rise above the Earth, to the top of the atmosphere and beyond, for only thus will [they] fully understand the world in which [they] live."
– Plato

At 100,000 feet, you will never feel closer to Earth.

Your flight plan

From takeoff to touchdown, we have designed our 5-8 hour stratospheric journeys to give you the ultimate time, space and comfort to completely immerse yourself in the wonder of it all.

Your journey on Flight Day will begin with a liftoff before dawn. You will gradually ascend for two hours before reaching float (around 100,000 feet) just before dawn. You will float at apogee for 2-4 hours before beginning your 90-minute descent via pilot-steered parafoil. You will then gently land in a designated landing zone near your departure spaceport and be transported back to the spaceport.

Seven Wonders of the World,
Stratospheric Edition™

We selected seven amazing launch destinations across the globe. Each destination invokes a sense of immense awe when experienced on Earth. And when viewed from the edge of space, these unique wonders of the world will add unparalleled context to your trip that will leave you in wonder at the world.

Reserve your flight

Journey to the edge of space from any of our spaceport locations for $50,000 per seat.
Reserve your place in line today with a non-refundable $500 deposit per seat.

Questions about the reservation process? Connect with our Concierge team at


Spaceport Grand Canyon

United States of America

First full year sold out

Experience this geological wonder like never before – from below the rim to 100,000 feet above it. Watch the sunrise over Earth’s curvature then gently descend feeling totally transformed.
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Spaceport Great Barrier Reef


Currently accepting deposits

This deep-dive experience goes from exploring the Great Barrier Reef up close before your flight to viewing it from the edge of space, leaving you feeling more connected than ever to the abundant beauty of our oceans.
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Spaceport Serengeti


Not currently accepting deposits

Tour one of the seven world wonders and witness lions, zebras and countless others in their natural habitat. Then spend hours enjoying stratospheric views of this amazing ecosystem.
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Spaceport Aurora Borealis


Not currently accepting deposits

Experience the Northern Lights as only a fortunate few have before. From the beauty of Norway to the brilliant light show at the edge of space, this is a journey you’ll never forget.
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Spaceport Amazonia


Not currently accepting deposits

Spend five days experiencing the biodiversity of the world’s largest rainforest with local guides, then float up to take in its grandeur and fragility from the upper stratosphere.
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Spaceport Pyramids of Giza


Not currently accepting deposits

Witness these ancient architectural marvels before ascending to the stratosphere to gaze at Africa in awe (and luxurious comfort).
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Spaceport Great Wall of China


Not currently accepting deposits

An ancient, human-made wonder meets the latest in space travel. Immerse yourself in the local culture and watch the Great Wall turn to a tiny sliver as you ascend to amazing heights.
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View Earth in ultimate comfort

We are outfitting the World View Explorer capsule with luxurious amenities and interactive tech features so you can fully immerse yourself in the experience. The best part? You are free to relax and move about our spacious, well-appointed cabin to soak in every amazing sight.

space tourism capsule stratosphere world view balloon climate controlled cabin icon

Pressurized, climate-controlled cabin

space tourism capsule stratosphere world view balloon two pilots on each flight icon

Spacious cabin with ample room for eight participants and two crew

space tourism capsule stratosphere world view balloon seat icon

Plush, fully reclining seating for eight

space tourism capsule stratosphere world view balloon stargazing icon

Oversized windows for spectacular 360º panoramic viewing

space tourism capsule stratosphere world view balloon in-flight dining icon

Luxe in-flight dining and bar service

space tourism capsule stratosphere world view balloon earth-view icon

Earth View camera

space tourism capsule stratosphere world view balloon on-board telescope icon

Star View telescope

space tourism capsule stratosphere world view balloon informational tablet icon

Individual viewing screens

space tourism capsule stratosphere world view balloon high-speed connectivity icon

High-speed data connection

space tourism capsule stratosphere world view balloon on-board lavatory icon

On-board lavatory

The height of safety

Every detail of our patented, zero-pressure balloon is designed to ensure a safe, spectacular journey. This tried-and-true flight technology has been trusted and used by NASA for decades and is backed by World View's proven track record of 115+ successful flights.

You will ride in safe, luxurious comfort in our pressurized, climate-controlled capsule, feeling right at home while floating 100,000 feet above our beautiful planet.

stratosphere world view balloon render carrying pressurized space tourism capsule

One peaceful ride

Designed for slow, gentle ascent and descent.

Lifted by helium

Helium-filled balloons are non-flammable and non-explosive, prioritizing your safety.

Land in safety

Patented parafoil landing system and on-board pilots guide your capsule to land safely in a pre-designated landing zone.

Soar with confidence

Built to transport you to over 100,000 feet – above 99% of Earth’s atmosphere.

Huge lifting power

Expands to a size that fits an entire football stadium inside and can lift over 10,000 pounds.

Reliable safeguards

Back-up parachute system and landing systems for landing safety redundancy.

Safe by design

Zero-pressure balloons mean there is no risk of rapid deflation or an unplanned free fall.

Precision engineering

Manufactured using proprietary, flight-tested processes that ensure consistent performance.

Sustainable design

A zero-emissions flight profile and recycling of balloons after each flight reduce environmental impact.

Awe-inspiring views

Our spacious cabin gives you plenty of room to move about, with massive windows offering unobstructed panoramic views of the horizon in every direction.

Patented flight technology

Proprietary stratospheric trajectory modeling systems will keep you gently hovering high above Earth before slowly starting your descent.

Gentle touchdown

As it descends, the capsule will deploy our patented parafoil system and separate from the balloon, gliding to a soft landing with gear that absorb and deflect impact.