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December 18th, 2014 - A Sunrise Viewed from the Edge of Space

During a recent World View commercial payload flight, chartered by Tencent in collaboration with Moon Express, our cameras captured something magnificent. A perspective that reminds us of the majesty of our planet – the gift of a breathtaking sunrise from the edge of space. This footage shows the awe-inspiring view our Voyagers will experience during their journey to the edge of space.

“Part of our goal with World View is to provide a perspective-changing view of our world,” said CEO Jane
Poynter. “Our Voyagers will witness our Earth suspended in the inky blackness of space, then see it
illuminated by a spectacular sunrise. So many astronauts have gone to space to see infinity, but when
they turn around and see Earth they fall in love with it. It shifts the way they think about things and we want to give that experience to as many people as possible.”

Published 4 41 PM, December 18th, 2014

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